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WDJCU roll of honour PDF Print E-mail


WDJCU roll of honour


The Union has been organising competitive cricket in the west of Scotland since the late 1950s.  On this page we show the roll of honour, detailing league and cup winners over the history of the West District Junior Cricket Union.  We also list the winners of the Union's annual indoor tournaments - the Super 8s - played between Christmas and New Year.



A leagues


The dominant club over the history of the Union has been Clydesdale with no fewer than 54 league titles to their name.  This is some way ahead of the next most successful club in terms of league titles, Ferguslie, with 27.  Coming in third is West of Scotland with 21 championships, with Poloc at number four with thirteen.  In the Frank Smith Trophy, the Union's cup competition, the most successful club is, again, Clydesdale, with seventeen wins.  Behind Clydesdale, with the second-most wins, is Ferguslie with seven wins, Ayr have six wins to their name, with West of Scotland next with four successes.






League Cup  





Super 8s


The Union's annual indoor competitions are traditionally played between Christmas and New Year.  The winners of this mid-winter cric'-fest are listed below.







B leagues


Equally as competitive, but with not quite the same history, the B leagues have grown in popularity over the years with a growing number of clubs entering.  With their flexibility in terms of scheduling, the B leagues offer many competing clubs additional opportunities to facilitate competitive hardball cricket for their juniors.